First and foremost, global branding is a way of managing the company in different way in different regions to accommodate and make it successful in a way that is suitable for the certain region. For example: if the company has a store in Japan, and in the USA, they are going to use a different marketing strategy and a brand strategy that is tailored to the specific region. The stores in US are more promotions driven where the stores in Japan are more focused on staying current with the updates. 

Our main task as marketers is not only to create a marketing strategy and hope that the. Same strategy will work for every store of the company, it is more about learning our client base and being able to fit into their needs while staying true to our brand promise and mission statement. People do not understand what it means when the company becomes global. Some individuals think that that only means a stronger exposure, more customers, and more profit in a long run. Although, that is not always the case, sometimes transforming into a global brand can actually “hurt” the company. If the marketers and the directors do not know how to learn their customers and are unable to understand that every region, every country will need its own individual approach they will not be able to drive the business and will be wasting money to stay open. Every successful global brand took strategic steps and time to get where they are now. “Every successful global brand took strategic steps and time to get where they are now.” Says the article “Global branding: 10 lessons for consistent global growth”. To learn more about successful global growth feel free to visit https://www.acolad.com/en/services/global-marketing/global-branding-lessons.html

Let’s See How Some Successful Companies Manage to Build and Develop Their Global Brand

Let’s take Apple as an example. Apple is a global brand whose customer base has been growing nonstop over the past few decades. The company has been through its ups and downs although it was still able to come out strongest then ever and even make it to the list of 100 top brands on the world according to Dorothy Neufeld and her article “Ranked: The Top 100 Brands by Value in 2023”. Find out more at https://www.visualcapitalist.com/top-100-brand-value-2023/

But what did Apple do different to stand out in its globalization strategy?  First and foremost, let’ in s look at the company’s logo. As we can see on the picture the company’s logo has changed overtime. Although, instead of becoming more sophisticated, it become simpler. Apple proved to us that its not always about complexity, simple things mean just as much. It is a good thing that Apple was able to realize that their customers prefer a simpler logo because that would have “hurt” their brand in a long run.

Being consistent with brand values is another thing that has made Apple stand out form other companies.  Simplicity and class are the two things that have been driving the company for a long run and the company was able to bring thieve features overtime. With that being said, every time we see the Apple’s logo we think about the calmness and consistency. Our main goal, as marketers, is to make sure that we stick to our values that we started with. If we happen to change our values, we may lose clients and leave a negative taste in people’s mouth. 

And last but not least is the “Glocal” branding strategy. With that being said, Apple creates the same brand image for all the countries that sell the brand, although, every one of the countries has something unique to offer for their residents. “To reflect Parisians’ architectural inclinations, one Apple Store in Paris is housed in a Haussmann-style structure. In Japan, the ‘Mac vs PC’ campaign was adapted to highlight product disparities in a gentler. Since direct-comparison advertising is frowned upon in Japan, it was made more subtle as opposed to the Western version” tells us the article “Apple’s Branding Strategy and What Marketers Will Learn from It”. Visit https://simplified.com/blog/branding/apple-branding-strategy/ to read the whole story. 


Brand globalization is a hard and time-consuming process. It takes a lot of dedication and research.  What works for one company may not work for the other ones therefore it is up to us as marketers to be as detailed and as creative as possible to take our brand to the next level.  The brands do not become global overnight. It is a process of trial and error. Are you willing to take a chance?  

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