To start off, data points are some valuable pieces of information that the data analyst have collected during the experiment or research.it is something that stood out to them or something that they feel will be profitable fir the researcher to know about.

On the other hand, data insights are the opinions that relate directly to the research question asked by a researcher or an organization. In the other words, it is an idea that is formed based on the data points collected previously during the research.

Everyone gets confused between the data points and data insights. Some people even try to say they are the same thing. This is the part where they are mistaking. While data points and data insights are related, they are far from being identical. Here is an example to give you a better understanding of the difference between the two things.

We have to look at the data points as the puzzles, while our data insight is a big picture built out of puzzles. While they add on to one another, they definitely cannot be replaced by each other.

Overall, data points can be collected and analyzed to provide analysts with some valuable feedback and help marketers gain insight on the research question. Not being able to distinguish data points from data insights will lead to skewed and ineffective analysis in the long run. Therefore, marketers should definitely understand the difference between the two data types in order to affectively conduct any analyses.

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