Brand’s personality and brand elements are the core foundation to a successful brand. They not only dictate the way the brand is interpreted by its customers, but also build the foundation for the brand to be successful and strongly competitive on the market in a long run. 

Brand’s personality is referred to as a description of the brand in two to four adjectives as if a brand was a person. These are the few key words that give a customer an idea of what this brand is about, its general idea as well as its mission statement and the direction of development. If the brand was a person, what would it tell us if it showed up right in front of us is the question that brand’s personality can answer in a few seconds. 

Brand elements are the communication tools and collateral materials that contribute to making the brand successful and profitable but also attractive from the customers’ perspective in a long run. Some of the examples of brand elements are slogans, colors, symbols, fonts, characters, names. The good brand’s elements have to be memorable (easy to remember and recognize), meaningful (have a history, be descriptive), transferable (easy to move across products), adaptable (easy to acclimate to the customers), and protectable (have a legal background).

To me Ralph Lauren is one of the brands with the longest and the most interesting history. Being a company’s employee, I know a lot about the brand, therefore I decided that it would be a good idea to analyze the brand’s personality and its elements that has made it so successful nowadays. The first thing that has always caught my eye is the mission statement of the company. “To ensure the dream of a better life through authenticity and timeless style” stated Ralph Lauren as his goal for his brand. To me these words not only indicate Ralph Lauren’s long-time commitment to development of a brand, but also describe Ralph Lauren brand’s personality. Authentic and timeless are the two words that I can hear in my head every time someone talks about Ralph Lauren. If I was to describe Ralph Lauren brand as a person, it would probably be a strong, well-built man 25-30 years old who is extremally determined in his actions and life decisions, enjoys riding horses and playing a polo game with his friends every Sunday afternoon. 

When it comes to Ralph Lauren brand’s elements, we can clearly see a few that stand out: a symbol of a man playing polo that is embroidered on every piece of closing at Ralph Lauren. The symbol reflects the mission statement by representing brand’s persona. As we all know, Ralph Lauren is a brand that has been around for quite a few decades and is popular not only in the USA, but also fat abroad. The countries of Europe and Asia enjoy wearing this luxury brand as well. The fact that this brand has been able to make itself known in hundreds of countries make it adaptable and transferrable. When putting a brand out on an international arena, its creator has to have a strong understanding of demographics and cultures of all the countries and be able to properly adapt to succeed everywhere. Overall, there are 483 Ralph Lauren stores in the world as of July 12, 2023.  Only 242 stores are located in the United States. With that being said, about 49.5% of all the stores of the company are located outside of the USA. This means that Ralph Lauren is able to tailor its fashion and personal approach to fit different environments. This is a strong feature to have since it will put you and your brand above others. 

Overall, when we talk about the business’s success, we are not talking about just the company that is making money. We are also referring to the brand with a strong personality and elements that always work close together. In my opinion, only through strong connection between brand personality, symbol, and mission statement as well as its flexibility and adaptability Ralph Lauren was able to stay competitive on the market for over 50 years now and continue to grow and prosper even during difficult times. “Made to be worn”, says Ralph Lauren always putting his customers ahead of himself.   

In my opinion, Ralph Lauren is a perfect example of a brand who has a well-formed personality and has all the elements in place in order to be successful. We, as young marketers should definitely take a closer look at Ralph Lauren’s strategy and take implement those steps in our own business in order to be successful and stay competitive on the market in a long run. 

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