How to Communicate Data Affectively?

Being an affective communicator is just as important as having a valuable data to share with others. A lot of people wonder what an effective communication means, but no one seems to come up with the right answer. Is data important? While doing any sort of research or considering buying a certain product, a lot of […]

Is Persuasion Important in Marketing?

The main goal of marketing is to effectively communicate the product to the customer on all levels. Can marketing be manipulative? Is the question that has been discussed over and over for many years. Society never came up with one solid answer.  Affective communication is a main goal of marketing. Communication needs to be present in all […]

Does our Brand Require a Purpose or is the Quality and Convenience Enough?

What is the purpose of the brand? Numerous people have thought about this topic, but have we gotten an answer yet? Brand purpose is definitely an essential part when it comes to creating a personal as well as a professional brand. The brand purpose is the reason why a specific company or organization exists. Purpose is […]

Why Videos Become Viral?

We are all aware that we live in the era when social media has taken over our lives. Everyone, disregarding sex, race, or age has at least one social media account. We are all familiar with reels that are all over Facebook and Tik Tok videos that we watch when we cannot fall asleep at […]

What’s truly being exchanged when people buy from StarbucksĀ 

What is marketing? Everyone has their own opinion when they are asked this question. For some people marketing is a way to conduct an exchange between the two people, a person and an organization, or two businesses.  Sometimes people get so overwhelmed by their everyday duties that they do not notice that just about every transaction […]

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