I work for the Ralph Lauren corporation.  Collecting data is an essential part of our marketing campaign.  We collect data through email capture at the POS.  We also have a program that is called Polo Connect. The customers provide us a few details about themselves: email, date of birth, first name and last name, and receive a 15% coupon which they can use right away. We also send them a 10$ birthday coupon which is valid throughout their birthday month.  

Each week we will receive a report showing us the data we captured, the shopping habits of the customers, the amount of money spent, and the frequency of their visits.  This leads us to our outreach program.  We take this data and connect with the customer via email, text, personal call or by zoom for a virtual shopping experience.  We also offer a concierge service to our most loyal customers.  These customers’ data is kept separate from the mass mailers.  We reach these customers in a personal way, keeping their past buying decisions in mind, as well as the notes we have taken from them detailing their future product needs. 

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It is important to note that the data capture for the concierge customer is much more in depth.  We collect their size, future needs, special events: birthday and anniversary.  We note when is the best time to reach them, what is the best way to contact them.  When the customer decides to make an appointment we give them the benefit of all promotions, coupons, and free shipping.  We conduct a phone order, receive payment via a pay by link than we mail the product out once the payment is finalized.  Through detailed data capture we can give customers an exceptional buying experience. We keep our business phone on the sales floor, so we can be reached anytime during the day. This new way to shop leveraging data capture has significantly increased business and helped us build strong and lasting relationships with our customers giving them the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their home. 

Overall, data can be used in a lot of deferent ways in organizations. In our modern world it is crucial for marketing researchers to be able to collect as much data as possible in order to solve issues and develop organizations.  

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