Nowadays we live in the era when marketing is constantly changing and becoming more and more complex every day. Businesses are always coming up with innovative strategies to attract and retain customers. One of the ways to achieve that is through constant monitoring, researching, and leaning towards a particular customer journey. 

What Is a Customer Journey

First and foremost, customer journey are the steps that the customer takes to find the items they want and facilitate the purchase. This concept is way more complex than a customer just coming into the store and making a purchase. The customer journey begins when the customer starts to feel the need to purchase a certain product or service and ends after the customer has used the product or service and has some kind of feedback about it. For example: if your car breaks down and you realize that you need a new one, that’s where your journey starts, and it would end after you have driven your new car for a couple weeks and have an attitude formed about the car: you either like it or don’t. 

Our job as marketers is to learn every stage of the customer journey and be able to adjust our products and services so we can get the most profit. With that being said, we need to learn and understand our customers: who they are, what they are looking for, and how we can make our brand stand out in order to get their attention. 

But What Is Our Goal of Leading a Customer Through Their Journey?

We as marketers try to always be there for the customers and adapt to their desires and needs as much as possible in order to succeed in the business. With that being said, our ultimate goal is to bring up our conversion or to facilitate the sale. We want to give customers all the support they need throughout their decision-making process, although we are hoping to gain a long-term client for our brand. For example: when a customer comes into the store to purchase a shirt, the sales associates are going to do their best to help him with hope to convert him from “now” customer to “later” customer. In her article “107 Customer Service Statistics and Facts You Shouldn’t Ignore”. Mercer Smith stated that: “93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service”.

What Are the Benefits of Tailoring Our Marketing Approach to A Certain Customer Journey 

First and foremost, by being dedicated to your customer base, you are able to easily increase conversion by simply aligning marketing massages and promotions with the customers’ mindset dusting a certain decision-making stage. This approach enhances the relevance and effectiveness of marketing efforts, which results in higher conversion rates and return on investment (ROI). 

Secondly, influencing customers’ journey gives them a more seamless and personalized shopping experience, therefore customers will feel more valued and are more likely to come back and shop in the future. By properly addressing customer needs, businesses can create positive connections that build trust and loyalty. A well-organized customer journey ensures consistency and proficiency on all levels, which leads to the returning customers.

And last, but not least, influencing our prospects along a customer’s journey can help change the way that the customers are seeing the brand.  Consistently delivering value-added experiences and exceeding customer expectations puts the brand way above its’ competitors in the customers’ eyes. In this case the customers will be more eager to shop with us due to our dedication to them. 


Every one of the steps discussed above will have a positive impact on the business’s future if taken seriously. While all these things seem small and not important, aligning our marketing strategy with our customers’ vision, being there during every stage of a decision-making journey will make our brand stand out in customers’ eyes and make us win against our competitors on the market. Although, our main task is to learn our customers and figure out their steps when it comes to them making decision. 

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