What is decision making? Briefly speaking, decision making is the process when the customer or the consumer collects all the reasons why he or she should act a certain way, depending on what the nature of the decision-making is. For example, when a person decides to purchase a new cell phone, the decision-making process starts when that person realizes that he or she needs a new phone and lasts until they make a purchase.

What are the factors that drive the decision-making process? We, as marketers need to have a clear understanding why our customers act a certain way and why they decide to buy one item over another. While data is an important indicator of how people act, it is not enough information to give us any insights or reasoning behind why people make certain decision. 

The 4 main factors of the decision making are: motivational, attitudinal, demographic, and behavioral.   The motivational factor is the reason why something is done. Attitudinal factor stands for emotions, preferences and needs that led to making a certain buying decision. Brand preference, color preference when purchasing something are examples of attitudinal factor of decision making. Demographic factor of decision making is the way the customers make decision based on their location or territory where they reside. Behavioral decision-making factor consists of all the values and beliefs that are unique to every person. These values provoke people to act a certain way and make certain decisions. 

Why is it crucial to understand the customer decision making process? We are marketers and our main goal is to promote the product and services that we offer and to make sure that our company stays competitive on the market and is successful in a long run. To guarantee longevity of the organizations or businesses that we run our main task is to understand consumer decision making process at its core. We need to always be able to answer the questions: “Why does the customer choose this item over the other two offered?” Only after we dig to the very bottom of the decision-making process, we will be able to affectively promote our products and services. 

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