Nowadays we live in the era when technology plays an essential role when it comes to being a successful marketer. It can be utilized in numerous ways to make our job easier and more efficient whether we are talking about creating a website to promote our products and services or utilizing new techniques that make shopping fun and pleasant for the customers. marketing email

Email is one of the tools that has been widely utilized over the course of the past few years. Although, we can use email as a source of information and a mean of communication, our main goal as marketers is to use email to its full potential and drive the business. In order for us to do that we need to know how to create affective emails and be able to engage with customers. 

First and foremost, the email needs to have a strong subject line. A lot of receivers may not open the email therefore simply by looking at the preview they need to know why they are being reached out to. Subject line is also something that will motivate a receiver to either open the email or simply “trash” it. The email’s body needs to be concise. The message has to be easy to read and understand. Most audience will get bored reading the long and monotone email therefore our main goal as a sender is to make the message interesting and grab reader’s attention. And last, but not least, we need to make sure that every email that we send out is personalized to whoever is receiving the email. We should do our best to make every customer feel special and appreciated. Nowadays people receive 10-20 emails a day, so our main goal is to make the email that we send out stand out.

Over the course of the past year, I have gotten to experience some of the benefits of emailing. I work for Ralph Lauren, and we just recently started to utilize email as a powerful tool to outreach our new and loyal customers. At first, we were just sending out a generic message to everyone to let them know that we offer private appointments, phone orders, and virtual shopping. We did not include customers’ names or anything of that nature and did not get a lot of feedback. Now we are working on elevating shopping experience for our customers therefore we have become more personable: sending out “thank you” cards, reaching out to customers on a daily basis to let them know about new arrivals and promotions. We have only been doing it for a month but have already seen a drastic increase in our sales overall. This is just one of the examples of how effective email can impact our business in a long run. 

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