To start off, a survey is a way the company gets opinions
about products or services that are being offered to
customers. The surveys can be completed by either existing
or new customers. In order for the survey to be affective it
has to gather the necessary information for the company
to make decisions. There are different kinds of surveys, and
they can be conducted either online or offline by the customers to provide the company with the necessary information. The example of survey is a short questionnaire that is sent to the customers after visiting the store.

On the other hand, the experiment is a procedure carried out to taste the hypothesis under at least partially controlled circumstances. In the other words, marketing experiment is a cause affect relationship between dependent and independent variable. For example, in the beauty industry buying certain makeup products would be a dependent variable. The independent variables would the persons thoughts and opinions about a certain makeup type, their role models, culture. In other words, the independent variable is something that is stable and will not change under any circumstances while the dependent variable is something that can be manipulated by the independent variables.

The serious question is: what kind of research is more affective and what type of research should be used under what circumstance? These are the questions that a lot of people struggle to find answers to. Briefly speaking, marketing survey is the most profitable when the company has a set budget and timeframe to get the results by. At that point corporate can simply send out a few emails with questions and analyze all the received answers after the deadline.The other case when the surveys are affective is if the company wants to test only one product or service. A simple questionnaire can be sent out to the people who have purchased the item or service that is being tested and the company can easily get the feedback about it.

The marketing experiment is a better choice when the company has more than one product or service tested at one time. Also, the company has to have a set budget but does not have a timeframe. At that point the company can spend as much time as necessary to test the products or services.

Overall, every marketer has to make his own decision as to what type of research to use and it has to be done on a situational basis. Only because the survey worked for one scenario, it does not mean that it is going to be affective for all the other scenarios. The marketer needs to constantly monitor the situation in order to make the best decision available for the company at the time.

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