What is a habit? Briefly speaking a habit is something we do without realizing we are doing it. It is something that comes to us over time. There are different reasons why people form certain habits: some people get used to doing things to accommodate their scheduleecision, ma, others do things because that is something they enjoy. 

Why is habit important? While it is hard to determine the reason behind certain habits, we as marketers need to have a clear understanding of what affect a habit has on a decision-making process whether it is a purchase of a certain brand, usage of an app or simply making the same decisions repeatedly. For example, we know that if someone likes the lipstick they are using, if the shade matches their skin tone and the color lasts long, they are more likely to repurchase the item then if the color comes off right away or does not coordinate with their complexion. This part is easy to figure out, although, our main goal as affective marketers is to figure out what it is that people enjoy about the product or service that we offer, how to make the product or service better, how to make the shoppers interested in product or service. 

Overall, although habit is an essential part of decision making because it makes the whole process easier for the customer, our main goal is to understand why certain people chose certain products or services over others. 

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