Marketing research is a function that connects the consumer, the customer, and a marketer through information. It is a process of learning as much as we possibly can about customer so we can satisfy customers’ needs and keep the business successful on the market.

There are different opinions when we start to talk about the importance of marketing research. Some people think that it is just an extra step to keep marketers preoccupied, although, a lot of people consider marketing research a crucial part of business growth and development.

Marketing research helps us as marketers to do these 5 basic things:

a) Describe – gives all the necessary information about the customer: their sex, age, location and so on.

b) Evaluate – helps marketers to figure out how well their business is performing.

c) Explain – gives us solutions to all the marketing problems and explains why they occurred.

d) Predict – tells how our business will perform in the future if continue doing the things we are currently doing.

e) Make decisions – provides all the data regarding a certain issue that is necessary to make the decision to improve performance of the business.

Overall, I feel like not a single business can be successful without marking research. Since new products and services constantly appear on the market and clients’ desires constantly change it is crucial to monitor the situation in order to stay competitive on the market.

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