Both sales and marketing team play a crucial role when it comes to creation and execution of an effective marketing plan as well as success of the company overall. These teams should be tightly connected and efficiently work together to ensure that the company is performing well. 

Marketing team executes the product, creates the right environment, engages with potential buyers, and promotes the product while the sales team does its best to collect the profit. There should always be a constant connection between the two teams since the failure of one team will greatly influence success of the other team. For example: if the marketing team is not engaging with potential buyers enough to make them want to buy the product or service offered, the sales of the company will drop. And wise versa if the item that is selling is not being promoted, that means that the marketing team is not doing their job as far as building connections with target market. I work at Ralph Lauren as a sales associate, and I have seen how the disconnect between the marketing and sales team impacts the energy of the whole store overall. Before COVID our company used to send out a lot of coupons and emails to our shoppers, therefore we were “up” in sales just about the whole year. After we came back from lockdown the company had to make up the money that they lost due to the pandemic, so we had markups, our promotions became “less generous”, and the marketing team started sending out less advertisements and coupons. At that time, obviously, less people came into the store, people complained about the price increases, therefore we were not making near as much money as last year. But the sales plan was 5% higher than it was last year. We were down in traffic, so it was almost impossible for us to make plan. We missed the first quarter of 2022 by 30% and only then the sales team decided to adjust our plan. 

I feel like if there was a better connection between sales and marketing team in Ralph Lauren, this situation could have been easily avoided or fixed right as it happened, and we would not have missed so much money. This is a perfect example why the communication between the sales team and marketing team is inevitable if we want to run a successful company.

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