What is marketing? Everyone has their own opinion when they are asked this question. For some people marketing is a way to conduct an exchange between the two people, a person and an organization, or two businesses. 

Sometimes people get so overwhelmed by their everyday duties that they do not notice that just about every transaction we make includes marketing in it. Even something as simple as going to the store to buy groceries is tightly connected with marketing. When we go to the store, a coffee shop, or a supermarket, we expect to simply receive the product and pay money for it. But in reality, this exchange process is a lot more complicated than it seems. When we go to Starbucks, we get the coffee and pay for it with our debit or credit card. What a lot of people do not take into consideration though, the coffee did not make itself. The Starbucks barista put his energy, time, and dedication in that coffee for us to enjoy it. Every person puts their heat into what they make for others. In another words, going to Starbucks or any other store for that matter we are not only exchanging product for money. We are also receiving a service with that product: whether it is a barista making our cappuccino at Starbucks or a sales associate in Saks who helps us pick out the shoes to match our dress for a wedding we have coming up.  

The retail and fast-food workers give us their time and dedication every day, that is one of the reasons why we should always be kind to them.

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