What is cultural factor? This is a question that a lot of people ask themselves, but often cannot come up with the definite answer. Cultural factor is when people of different nationalities, religions or races prefer different things when making a purchase decision. 

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Why does culture matter? Culture is a fundament of people’s behavior; it is the reason why they like and dislike certain things. Sometimes that decision does not even come from a person individually, some people are just used to certain things because of the environment they grew up in or because of their nationality. People like different styles, eat different food and even act different while making a purchase decision. 

People that come to the United States from other countries often complain about candies being too sweet in the USA. I could never wrap my mind around the fact that one chocolate bar could be sweeter than others. One day, my Argentinian friend came back from her motherland and brought me Argentinian Oreo to try. Not only did the package look completely different: it was packaged in a bag instead of the rectangular box like in the United States, but also, the taste was completely different: I could taste a lot more cocoa and the cream inside was not as sweet as in the United States. At this point I started to understand how the product differs based on a country it was manufactured in. 

So, should marketers study their target market? This is a perfect example why the marketers should understand cultural values of their customers in order to provide them with the best product possible and satisfy shoppers’ needs. 

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