We are all aware that we live in the era when social media has taken over our lives. Everyone, disregarding sex, race, or age has at least one social media account. We are all familiar with reels that are all over Facebook and Tik Tok videos that we watch when we cannot fall asleep at night. 

But why are some videos more popular than others? Why can some people make money simply posting a  10 second video, but others have a hard time reaching 100 followers? How do some videos become viral? These are all the questions we think about everyday but cannot seem to come up with the answer.

To me, it is all about marketing. Videos become viral because a lot of people enjoy watching them. That means that the content of the videos is interesting to viewers. With that being said, the famous “Tik Tokers” or bloggers have spent days, weeks, if not months doing research, learning their audience, as well as studying what type of videos are popular and preferred by their audience: whether it’s a try on haul or a makeup tutorial, a funny video of a dog dancing or a video with some scientific facts.  

It takes a lot of time, knowledge, and dedication to get a video to go viral, and what a lot of people don’t understand is that behind every famous “tik toker” is a marketer who spends days and nights to figure out what video to make for it to be popular and go viral. Everyone can make a video, but can everyone succeed in doing so?

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