Promotion plays a vital role when it comes to marketing mix. It not only tells people about the product, but also creates the environment for the consumers to want to buy the product. Sometimes promotion even goes as far as showing the customers how the product works and why they need it.

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Why is promotion an important part of marketing mix? Potential customers or even people in general need to know about the product’s existence in order to figure out whether they want it or no. this is exactly where promotion comes in handy. The second the product hits the market marketers need to give people a proper advertisement and closely monitor performance of the product to make sure that they reach the proper customer group. 

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What promotional strategy is right for the business? There are 8 major promotional strategies: advertising, which is paid promotion of a product or a service by a sponsor; PR, which is the program directed at employees or customers; direct marketing, which uses mail to promote the product; sales promotions, which is what makes you unique and different; online activities to promote the product; personal selling, which is  face-to-face interaction between a buyer and a seller; events and experiences to promote the items. These normally get organized by the company; mobile marketing which is marketing that communicates through customers’ cell phones. There is not a right or wrong promotion technique. It is totally up to the marketers to do research and figure out what type of promotions work best on their products for their specific customer.

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Can the product be successful without a promotion? People have different opinions when they are asked this question. In my opinion, no, with the market developing as fast as it is nowadays without promotion people simply will not know that the product is available and therefore will not purchase it. That will cause the producer-company to fail in the long run.   

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