The main goal of marketing is to effectively communicate the product to the customer on all levels. Can marketing be manipulative? Is the question that has been discussed over and over for many years. Society never came up with one solid answer. 

Affective communication is a main goal of marketing. Communication needs to be present in all areas for product to perform well. 

One of the main steps of a marketing mix is advertising which is the step where the product is being promoted and communicated to the customers. This is normally the part where people seem to confuse persuasion and manipulation.

To me, this is a just a personal opinion. Marketers aim to convince the customers to buy their products or services. Marketing communication is always direct and informative. We all react to things different, and this is the main reason why some people feel manipulated or pressured when being exposed to certain advertisements. 

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Overall, persuasion plays a crucial role in being a successful marketer and business owner. I feel like there should be a step back on both sides in order for the audience to not feel pressured: marketers should be careful about how they talk to their customers, while readers as well should not take everything negative and be a little more open-minded so they can better understand what the marketers are trying to say. 

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