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Execution of marketing plan is as important as its creation. If we have the marketing plan but cannot put it to action it is automatically considered unsuccessful.

What is execution? Execution is putting the marketing strategy into place. It is all about putting an action plan together, creating tasks in order to make the marketing plan successful. If we fail to execute the marketing plan, we fail to create it as well. Creation and execution of marketing plan are tightly connected together. 

What are the steps of execution? Marketing plan execution is quiet a complex and time-consuming process. It involves numerous steps:

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1.Organize the tactics by category.

2.Assign budget to every category to monitor return on investment later. 

3.Determine the timeframe needed to execute each tactic.

4.Create a flowchart with the timeline for each tactic. 

5.Test strategies and make sure that they work properly. 

Only following the steps provided above we will be able to affectively execute the marketing plan and use it to promote and develop products and services in real life. 

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Can a marketing plan exist without execution? A short answer is “no”. it is crucial to put the marketing plan to life after its creation in order to see if it performs the necessary job and if it is powerful enough to promote the product or service. Only after putting the marketing plan to life, we are able to judge its accuracy and effectiveness.   

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