Brands are just like humans; they can never sit still. In order for brands to stay competitive on the market and be profitable in a long run, they require hard work and continuous marketing reinforcements which is thought of as changes or improvements of their marketing strategy based on the brands performance. 

Although, with the evolution of brands marketers still have to make sure that they stay true to their original mission statement and purpose. That is the only way the brand will be able to build customer retention and stay appealing to its clients. If the brand starts of with one mission statement and decides to randomly switch it up a few years into the brand building process, the brand is likely to lose a lot of its clients. It goes without saying that the marketing strategy should be looked at and adjusted at least quarterly if not monthly although, how do we stay true to our customers and accomplish the promise we have given tot them? With the technology almost completely taking over our lives now it is harder than ever to maintain the “human features” in your brand and stay competitive with other retailers. Ralph Lauren seems to be doing a pretty good job in developing while keeping their purpose and positioning. 

Let’s look at Ralph Lauren and see what they do to grow and extant their brand without losing their purpose?

What comes to our minds when we hear “Ralph Lauren”? some people will think about the polo game while others imagine a middle school kid going to a private school wearing a polo shirt. to me Ralph Lauren is associated with fashion and authenticity. As we already know Ralph Lauren has been around for several decades although it still continues to shine at the top of the retail pyramid. So, what is Ralph Lauren’s secret to being as strong nowadays as ever? 

First and foremost, it is the fact that Ralph Lauren is true to himself. When he founded the company back in 1967 his mission was: “to inspire the dream of a better life through authenticity and timeless style”. To learn more about what was the reason behind this mission statement feel free to visit https://corporate.ralphlauren.com/strategy#:~:text=Our%20Purpose%20at%20Ralph%20Lauren,through%20authenticity%20and%20timeless%20style. In my opinion, authenticity is exactly what sets Ralph Lauren apart from any other retailer. Their products are always unique, and the quality pays back the price. With that being said, with such a strong mission statement, Ralph Lauren was able to easily convince his “audience” to become the frequent shoppers, especially back in 1967 when there were not that many brands present on the market to begin with. 

By taking an early start, Ralph Lauren ensured to create long-lasting relationships with the customers. An excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff as well as a follow-through with their mission and vision statement by ensuring an outstanding quality of products brings people from all around the world to Ralph Lauren. Also, Ralph Lauren leads his company by example: he gives back to the community by organizing Earth Day activities, Pink Pony walks, an even COVID relief fund. These are all the things that do not go unnoticed and are being taken into account by the true brand enthusiasts or someone who is trying to find the brand that they can rely on in a long run.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, Ralph Lauren has invested into tools and software to be able to do more for their customers. They are currently expanding their services and are now offering virtual shopping, concierge services and private appointments. Although, the company does not let technology rule everything. Behind every service offered by Ralph Lauren stands a knowledgeable and enthusiastic salesperson who desires to go above and beyond to satisfy the customers. 


Ralph Lauren is a perfect example of how to develop and grow but still stay true to their past and not let technology and modern services distract you from your mission. To me it is all about customer service, putting the shoppers first and being able to make them happy at any cost. Also, it is amazing to see how Ralph Lauren has grown and developed over just a couple decades: they went form just 3 stores in the country to 344 stores around the world as pf April 1, 2023. To find out more visit https://www.statista.com/statistics/268528/number-of-polo-ralph-lauren-stores-by-region/#:~:text=Polo%20Ralph%20Lauren’s%20number%20of%20retail%20outlets%202023%2C%20by%20region&text=Polo%20Ralph%20Lauren%20had%20a,brands%20on%20social%20media%20worldwide

The hard work and dedication will always pay off no matter what. It is our job as marketers is to make sure that we set our purpose and brand strategy early in the brand-building process and stay as true to it as possible throughout our development journey. 

What are you going to inherit from Ralph Lauren to make sure that your brand is as profitable and known in the near future as Ralph Lauren nowadays?

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