Today we live in the era when social media has basically taken over our life. We are around social media directly or indirectly more then we realize: we scroll through Instagram every night, watch videos on Tik Tok and read articles on Facebook. Although, social media is not always about learning new information, but it can also be used as a tool to run and promote the business.

How Can Social Media Help Marketers? 

Social media helps marketers to not only increase their brand’s awareness, but also show them how their brand is performing. As Christina Newberry stated in her article “17 Social Media Metrics You Need to Track in 2023”: “Social media metrics are data points that measure how well your social media strategy is performing — and help you understand how you can improve”.  Engagement rate, which is the % of the audience that reacted to the brand, gives us an idea of how many people have interacted with the brands social media page. This metric tells us how interested our audience is in the product or service that we offer as well as our brand. Another important metric of social media marketing is reach, which is referred to the number of people that see the post or the article on social media. This is essentially the indicator of how good of an exposure your brand has among your audience. Impression is another great metric to measure brand’s success. It is always referred to as the number of times that someone sees the post. It happens that the number of impressions sometimes is higher than the number of reach because if the same person watches the post or the video twice, it is 1 reach although it counts as 2 impressions. To find out more about social media metrics feel free to visit https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-metrics/

Let’s take a look on how real businesses implement the social media marketing to drive their brands.

Let’s take Apple as an example. Apple uses numerous social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.  The first thing that comes to my mind when we talk about Apple and its social media marketing is the #ShotoniPhone campaign. This was the campaign that Apple started to try and show what iPhones can do. People would post the pictures taken on their iPhones with the #ShotoniPhone on their Instagram accounts. This campaign not only showed all the features of iPhone’s camera, but also help the photographers to get recognized for their work. 

Twitter is another social media platform that is used by Apple on a daily basis. Although, with Twitter, Apple has a little bit different marketing approach then with Instagram, for example:Apple keeps its Twitter page “clean” and “concise” and only shares the information that is related to the brand rather than sharing people’s feedback about Apple products and so on.   

Feel free to visit https://www.giraffesocialmedia.co.uk/apples-social-media-the-tech-giants-marketing/ to learn more about Apple’s social media marketing strategy.


There is no right or wrong technique when it comes to the social media marketing. What works for some brands may not necessarily work for others.  If I was a marketer for Apple and if I was trying to promote the social media channels, I would put a wider variety of content on Apple’s Instagram page. “Why Instagram?”, some people may ask.  I would choose Instagram as a main way to communicate the information because it seems to be the most engaged social media platform right now.  I would start posting the new products updates and official “leaks” so that way the audience knows what exactly to expect from the upcoming models, for example: iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro. In 2021 we had a lot of sources stating that Apple was coming out with the pastel color MacBook, which never happened. I just feel like Apple could do a better job sharing the information about the future models rather than have people waiting with false expectations. 

 With that being said, our main job as marketers is to learn our audience and be able to understand their tastes so we can tailor our content to best fit their needs and desires. 

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