The Importance of Volume and Value in Success of a Business

Nowadays we live in the era when a lot of people are trying to become self-employed and start their own business, although a lot of beginners in business field seem to not quite understand the concept of being a successful business owner. Some people feel like the more items they sell, the better their business […]

Is Promotion Important In Marketing Mix?

Promotion plays a vital role when it comes to marketing mix. It not only tells people about the product, but also creates the environment for the consumers to want to buy the product. Sometimes promotion even goes as far as showing the customers how the product works and why they need it. Why is promotion […]

Is Market Share Important In Business?

Market share plays a crucial role in a life of every successful business. It is the KPI when it comes to seeing how much a certain product makes compared to the whole industry.  Why is market share crucial in modern business?The first thing that business owners and marketing leaders want to know when they develop […]

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