Tips for Future Data Analysts 

I would like to start off saying that being able to present the data correctly is just as important as its discovery. The way we present the data can really “make it or break it” for the firms who are reviewing the data and taking any further actions. Think about it: would you invest yourself 100% into a presentation […]

Data Usage at Ralph Lauren Corporation

I work for the Ralph Lauren corporation.  Collecting data is an essential part of our marketing campaign.  We collect data through email capture at the POS.  We also have a program that is called Polo Connect. The customers provide us a few details about themselves: email, date of birth, first name and last name, and receive a 15% coupon which they […]

Are Data Points and Data Insights The Same Thing?

To start off, data points are some valuable pieces of information that the data analyst have collected during the experiment or research.it is something that stood out to them or something that they feel will be profitable fir the researcher to know about. On the other hand, data insights are the opinions that relate directly to the research question […]

How to Communicate Data Affectively?

Being an affective communicator is just as important as having a valuable data to share with others. A lot of people wonder what an effective communication means, but no one seems to come up with the right answer. Is data important? While doing any sort of research or considering buying a certain product, a lot of […]

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