The Importance of Market Share in Company’s Success

Nowadays a lot of people are wondering what market share is and how it is connected to the success of the company or the industry overall. Some people look at market share as just a piece of a pie but do not dig any dipper then that, while others do not even understand the connection […]

The Importance of Volume and Value in Success of a Business

Nowadays we live in the era when a lot of people are trying to become self-employed and start their own business, although a lot of beginners in business field seem to not quite understand the concept of being a successful business owner. Some people feel like the more items they sell, the better their business […]

Magic Wand That Helps Marketers

Today we live in the era when marketing surrounds us on a daily basis, and we do not even realize that. Watching ads on a TV or driving around town and seeing the colorful billboards is all part of marketing. Although, over the past few years we have seen marketing take a drastic turn and […]

How to Design Effective Emails

Nowadays we live in the era when technology plays an essential role when it comes to being a successful marketer. It can be utilized in numerous ways to make our job easier and more efficient whether we are talking about creating a website to promote our products and services or utilizing new techniques that make […]

The Benefits of Google Search Ad Campaigns for Businesses

Nowadays we live in the era when technology has taken over most of our everyday life. We use technology without even realizing it: from using cell phones to readding an electronic textbook. While sometimes technology can hurt us in a long run, it can also be beneficial. For example, spending too much time in front […]

How is Decision Made by Customers?

What is decision making? Briefly speaking, decision making is the process when the customer or the consumer collects all the reasons why he or she should act a certain way, depending on what the nature of the decision-making is. For example, when a person decides to purchase a new cell phone, the decision-making process starts when […]

Is Habit an Important Part of Decision Making?

What is a habit? Briefly speaking a habit is something we do without realizing we are doing it. It is something that comes to us over time. There are different reasons why people form certain habits: some people get used to doing things to accommodate their scheduleecision, ma, others do things because that is something they […]

Tips for Future Data Analysts 

I would like to start off saying that being able to present the data correctly is just as important as its discovery. The way we present the data can really “make it or break it” for the firms who are reviewing the data and taking any further actions. Think about it: would you invest yourself 100% into a presentation […]

Data Usage at Ralph Lauren Corporation

I work for the Ralph Lauren corporation.  Collecting data is an essential part of our marketing campaign.  We collect data through email capture at the POS.  We also have a program that is called Polo Connect. The customers provide us a few details about themselves: email, date of birth, first name and last name, and receive a 15% coupon which they […]

Are Data Points and Data Insights The Same Thing?

To start off, data points are some valuable pieces of information that the data analyst have collected during the experiment or research.it is something that stood out to them or something that they feel will be profitable fir the researcher to know about. On the other hand, data insights are the opinions that relate directly to the research question […]

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