Nowadays we live in the era when technology has taken over most of our everyday life. We use technology without even realizing it: from using cell phones to readding an electronic textbook. While sometimes technology can hurt us in a long run, it can also be beneficial. For example, spending too much time in front of the computer can hurt your vision and cause back problems, although, browsing Internet to read news every day will help you gain new information an deepen your knowledge on what is going on around the world.

Google Ads is one of the beneficial techniques, which, if used correctly, can benefit the business tremendously in a long run. Google Ads is a paid pay-per-click program that puts the content at the top of the search results to make your content more visible to the viewers. If utilized correctly the platform can not only attract customers to the website, but also give us necessary insight about our audience and help us grow and develop our brand.

There is quite a few reasons why Google Ads is beneficial for businesses. First and foremost, Google Ads help us to make the ad more vigilant to the people who are searching for certain topics therefore it helps us bring new traffic to the website and make our ad more popular. By putting the ad on the top on search results, the first thing that the customer sees when searching for the key words or the topic. The Google Ads also helps us determine who our audience is and what it is they like or dislike. Based on the Google Ads statistics we can find out as much as the country of our “visitors” the time when our ad gets the most attention and even the device on which the ad is being viarketing, campaign, ewed. And the most importantly, Google Ads will give us transparent results in a short period on time. We can run Google Ads campaign for as long as a week and already have a general idea of who our customers are and what we can do to be more successful as a company.

These are just a few benefits of using Google Ads. I have personally experienced these benefits in my professional life. I work for Ralph Lauren Corporation. When we first came out with online shopping, the company utilized Google Ads to put ralphlauren.com at the very top of search results when the customers would search for Ralph Lauren. Only in the matter of a month our customer base increased by 30% and we made an additional $20,000 in sales. This is just one of numerous examples on how Google Ads can ensure longevity of a business or a company overall.

Overall, it is worth saying that Google Ads definitely brings positive impact on businesses, therefore every marketer should utilize this platform while doing research or trying to understand their customers. 

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