What is visual data? 

Visual data is any kind of graph that represents the information related to a business. It is treated just like any other spreadsheet available within a company or a business. It gives us as managers an insight of where or business stands in the moment and lets us see the potential future trends.

What are some of the advantages of visual reporting? 

First and foremost, visual reporting is very easy to read and understand. For example, the data that is normally stored in 4-5 different spreadsheets can easily be combined into one graph using Tableau.

Secondly, the data is easier to analyze once it is combined into a graph, which makes the reporting easier to read and understand by those who are not necessarily professional marketers. For example, if someone who does not have a business or marketing background is given an Excel Spreadsheet with the business’s performance data over the last 5 years, they will not be able to read it or analyze it properly, where if they are given a couple graphs, they will easily be able to make basic assumptions and decisions about the performance of the business. 

Thirdly, data visualization gives us as marketers and leaders an opportunity to analyze the data on a more detailed, granular level. For example, having a yearly review of our business we can drill in and figure out what categories were performing well and where we maybe lacked supply  or raised the price of the product to be too high for our customers to afford. 

Data visualization tools available out there.

One of the data visualization tools similar to Tableau is Funnel. This software helps us as marketers connect with other marketers from around the world. This software is always reliable and secure and there are no codes necessary to access the application. 

This application also allows us to share insights with our team members. It automatically updates the reporting and keeps all the data secure. It also creates a single source of truth which helps everyone to stay on the same page and understand how the business is performing. 

How do brands use Funnel?

Samsung is one of the most reputable brands known not only in the USA but also far abroad. Samsung has been Funnel’s customer for over 10 years now. The company has been using the application to attract new customers, drive business and improve the relationships with existing shoppers. Overall, over the course of the last year the company have seen an increase in sales by 20% compared to 2021. Samsung has attracted over 1000 of new customers who switched from iPhones because of Samsung’s incentives and promotions. 

The table above shows how many customers from different countries have decided to be loyal customers of Samsung based on the funnel reporting.

Let’s wrap it up.

Funnel just like Tableau has a lot of unique and helpful features that can be used and explored on a daily basis. I feel like we as leaders have to set the goal as to what we want to accomplish by looking at the reporting and then decide what visualization tool works best for us. 

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