We currently live in the era when technology has taken over our everyday life: companies are becoming more and more computerized, they are making customers their #1 priority and try to elevate their brand standards to continue succeeding on the market. 

The top 3 brands that have led the economy in 2022 were Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. I was very intrigued by these statistics, so I wanted to take a minute and analyze what these companies have done unique and what made them stand out on the market.  First of all, these 3 companies had clear directions figured out. They have put a strong marketing strategy in place, analyze their actions every step of the way and make strategic moves to ensure the business’s success in a long run. For example, “Amazon spent nearly $7 billion on advertising in 2019 although the company has doubled this money in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic”, states Alana Samuels in one of her articles in magazine Time. Secondly, these companies took a longevity approach as a way to be successful.

They created a marketing plan and set the long-term goals and worked hard to make sure they are on the right track to achieve them. This not only gave them the benefit over other companies currently on the market when it comes to profit, but also helped them build a strong client base because they have gained people’s trust over the years. And the third factor that has led to such a significant growth in profit of Amazon, Apple, and Amazon is their participation. They made people feel important while also gaining their feedback and applying it to improve their customer service, product selection and perhaps even marketing approach. As Mitche Graf stated in his article: “…the traditional customer service is dead therefore only those who are going above and beyond and coming up with new strategies will be able to succeed in the world of changes and rapidly growing demand”. 

Overall, these companies are showing us great examples of what we as business owners should do to make sure that we stay ahead of the game when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction.  I work at Ralph Lauren, and, since my company did not make it into the top 100 performers list will definitely implement the actions discussed in this article into my career and hopefully it will help us succeed in the near future. 

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