Customers are a base of any business, therefore we as marketers need to be customer oriented, listen to their opinions, and make any changes necessary in order to attract customers to the brand or keep them engaged.

What is customer conversation?

Customer conversation is asking a guest open ended questions in order to see what we can do better for them. It is a way to get people to open up and discuss the business with us. Getting unbiased information straight from the customer gives us a better idea of what customers are actually thinking. Also, while having an open conversation with someone, we can not only listen to their words, but also watch their actions and feel their emotions. This will give us an idea of how a customer really feels about the product or service discussed.

How to prepare for the interview?

Although conducting an interview can be hard and stressful, there are a few interesting tips that can help the interview to run smoother. First of all, we need to figure out what kind of conversation we want to have: formal or informal. This is where we will decide who our audience is and how big our group is. We have to make sure that we have the right customer for our interview. Preparing the interview questions is another thing that can make it or break it in the interview process. We need to make sure to create the open-ended questions in order to get a story from a customer rather than just a yes or no answers. We need to come up with the follow up questions as well in order to dig deeper into the conversation.

Overall, customer conversations require a lot of time and dedication, although if we follow the steps provided above before conducting the interview, the whole process will run smoother, and we will get accomplished more in a timely manner.

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