I would like to start off saying that being able to present the data correctly is just as important as its discovery. The way we present the data can really “make it or break it” for the firms who are reviewing the data and taking any further actions. Think about it: would you invest yourself 100% into a presentation which does not have clear data, or if the speaker is not even leading the presentation, but only reading the information off the slides?  

I think your answer would be a “no”. Therefore, I decided to give a few tips and tricks to those who are just starting off their journey as a presentation creator. First and foremost, it is crucial for the data to be accessible and easy to understand. No one would want to read through a whole slide of information to find the one sentence that they are looking for. They will most likely give up right in the middle of the first paragraph. 

The other thing that makes data presentable is its size and color scheme. When the data is shown in a table or a chart with the main elements highlighted in different colors for example, the viewer is 10 times more likely to finish the presentation and be engaged then if the data is monotone and boring. Even though the information can be useful, the user will not be intrigued enough to even watch the presentation till the end. 

The third, but just as important part of data presentation is to be engaged in the content when discussing the slides. Some people get so worked up building the presentation that they so not have the energy to present it. With that being said, it is important to pace yourself while working on a presentation and give yourself enough time to take a break between making the presentation and delivering the information to others. 

There are numerous other things that could be done to present the data well and keep the viewer engaged, although, I feel like these are the crucial steps that cannot be avoided. 

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