The Evolution of Omnichannel in Retail

“Seamless Shopping: Where Every Channel Leads to Delight” Omnichannel marketing is a business strategy that is used in retail to create a seamless shopping experience for everyone across all channels: in-store, mobile, and online.  Over the course of the past several years omnichannel marketing has defined the way the customers interact with brands by offering a […]

An Art of Poor Negotiation 

Lost in Translation: The Cost of Poor Negotiation We are all social creatures, and our main objective is to get along with each other on a daily basis and be able to resolve the everyday issues in a constructive way. This is where negotiation comes into play. Negotiation is an integral part of human interaction. It […]

Retail 101: What Are the Different Types of Customers

Unlocking the Retail Code: Understanding the Diverse Spectrum of Customers Nowadays we live in the era when retail is developing quickly, and new ways of shopping appear every day. In such a dynamic landscape of retail, it is crucial to understand and distinguish the different types of customers in order to even any chance of […]

The Effect of The Pandemic on Ralph Lauren

Pandemic… Such a scary thing to think about, but so real at the same time. COVID -19 came into our life unexpectedly, although it left strong consequences that we are still dealing with, four years later. From people being stuck at home for 2 months to having to adjust too working from home and then […]

How Can We Influence Our Prospects Along a Customer’s Journey?

Nowadays we live in the era when marketing is constantly changing and becoming more and more complex every day. Businesses are always coming up with innovative strategies to attract and retain customers. One of the ways to achieve that is through constant monitoring, researching, and leaning towards a particular customer journey.  What Is a Customer Journey […]

Success of Apple’s Social Media Marketing 

Today we live in the era when social media has basically taken over our life. We are around social media directly or indirectly more then we realize: we scroll through Instagram every night, watch videos on Tik Tok and read articles on Facebook. Although, social media is not always about learning new information, but it […]

Apple and Its Outstanding Brand Strategy

First and foremost, global branding is a way of managing the company in different way in different regions to accommodate and make it successful in a way that is suitable for the certain region. For example: if the company has a store in Japan, and in the USA, they are going to use a different […]

Ralph Lauren’s Unbreakable Success

Brands are just like humans; they can never sit still. In order for brands to stay competitive on the market and be profitable in a long run, they require hard work and continuous marketing reinforcements which is thought of as changes or improvements of their marketing strategy based on the brands performance.  Although, with the […]

The Role of Needs and Wants in Marketing

How many times a day do you catch yourself saying that you need something? People are social creatures and as long as they live, they are going to need certain things just by virtue of them functioning. But what is the need? A need is referred to as a necessity for a person to be […]

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