Which Brands Have Positive Image Nowadays? 

A lot of people nowadays can easily call a brand successful, although not everyone is able to explain what a successful brand actually is. To some people, a successful company is the company that makes a lot of profit, while others think of a company’s success as a number of stores that they have opened […]

How to Keep Your Customer Loyal to Your Brand?

First and foremost, brand loyalty is referred to as positive perception and feelings towards a certain brand. It is never driven by a price; it is more of an emotional connection that the customer has with the brand. For example, someone that has been shopping at the store for 10 years, has built a friendly […]

The Importance of Brand Equity

Brand equity is referred to as a commercial value that comes from customer’s perception of a certain brand rather than product or service itself. It is a measure of how likely the customer is to invest in our brand. Although there are numerous ways to increase brand equity, the most successful way is building a […]

Is Attitude an Important Part of Decision Making?

First and foremost, an attitude is the way people think about someone or something. Normally that attitude influences people’s behavior when it comes to a certain situation or an object. For example, if someone prefer organic milk instead of regular milk, that person is 10 times more likely to go to another store if the […]

Is The “Old” Economy Completely Dead?

The past few years of our lives have been quiet challenging. We went from normal everyday life to a full lockdown in a matter of 3 days and our life was never the same since. We went into a lockdown and the government was supporting us with stimulus checks and other financial aid since 90% […]

How to Make a Decision You Will Not Regret

Decision making is a multiple step processes that involves identifying the problem or the need, looking at the choices available, finally making the purchase and eventually dealing with the consequences. We all make decisions of different level of complicity and importance on a daily basis without even realizing it. For example: driving on the road […]

Brand’s Elements and Personality of Ralph Lauren

Brand’s personality and brand elements are the core foundation to a successful brand. They not only dictate the way the brand is interpreted by its customers, but also build the foundation for the brand to be successful and strongly competitive on the market in a long run.  Brand’s personality is referred to as a description of […]

Will Self-Control Help You Save Money?

What is self-control and why is it important? Self-control is an ability to resist something. When it comes to buyer behavior, we look at self-control as the capacity to resist an impulse buying. For example, a person walks in the store and immediately becomes obsessed with the leather jacket that is located on the mannequin […]

The Top 3 Performers of 2022

We currently live in the era when technology has taken over our everyday life: companies are becoming more and more computerized, they are making customers their #1 priority and try to elevate their brand standards to continue succeeding on the market.  The top 3 brands that have led the economy in 2022 were Apple, Microsoft, […]

Why Is Buyer Psychology Important to Understand?

Buyer psychology is a study of the way the customers are reacting towards a certain product or service. It explains in depth the reasons as to why the customers start or stop buying or using certain products or services. It also helps the business owners to understand how to analyze the business and make it profitable […]

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