A lot of people nowadays can easily call a brand successful, although not everyone is able to explain what a successful brand actually is. To some people, a successful company is the company that makes a lot of profit, while others think of a company’s success as a number of stores that they have opened across the United States or even on the international market, although the brand’s positive image goes way deeper than just the amount of customers in the store or the amount of money the company makes on a yearly basis. 

Where Is the brand actually “born”?

The brand’s success begins with the strog brand image and a positive brand personality. When we think of a brand’s personality, we think of what characteristics the brand would have if it was a person: would it be friendly, talkative, and understanding or cold-hearted, rude, and angry? Based on the persona the brand gives out we can easily determine what kind of attitude the customers will have towards the brand. For example: if the brand is dull and gives out negative energy, people are less likely to shop with them, but if the brand comes across as open-minded and caring, people are way more likely to cooperate with them. This goes to prove my point that a successful brand is not the one with the highest revenue, although it is the one with the most genuine and kind personality. 

How are company keeping their positive image nowadays?

Let’s take a look at Microsoft and see how they have managed to maintain the positive persona and brand image being on the market for decades. This brand has been able to maintain a positive brand image through being trustworthy and reliable. Only if people can trust the brand, we can openly say that the brand has succeeded in building the relationship with their customers. Every one of us uses Microsoft every day for different reasons: school, work, entertainment and so on. We use the designer tab to help us come up with the PowerPoint theme for our presentation, or even use Excel finder bar to ask questions about how to utilize specific formulas. At this point, this is simply a habit for us, but what rally is going on is that we have a relationship built with Microsoft and we trust them enough to solve these problems or to answer the questions for us. Microsoft is committed to keep their positive image though constantly updating their software to make it better for their customers, listening to customers’ feedback and taking it into consideration in their future steps. By doing so the company not only maintains their positive brand image, but also ensures their brand’s longevity. To learn more about how Microsoft secures a spot among world’s most valuable brands visit https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi76a2qjL2BAxXdTDABHSykAS8QFnoECBgQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcdne.kantar.com%2Fnorth-america%2Finspiration%2Fbrands%2Fhow-microsoft-secures-its-spot-as-one-of-the-worlds-most-valuable-brands&usg=AOvVaw1SNWV4ZaMoBZDDSHrv1-ZW&opi=89978449

Another brand that is worth paying attention to is Rolex. Some people would think “this is just a watch” while others would quiet literally give up everything they have to own one of the watches. The brand is known for its sophistication and timeless style. Rolex never grows old. The authenticity of this brand is achieved in numerous ways. First and foremost, product design and craftsmanship of the watches with their unique style make everyone feel entitled when they wear Rolex. Also, by giving an outstanding customer service to the customers both online and in stores, the company has created the positive brand image for their shoppers. On the other hand, the fact that the company is so dedicated to being the best on the market by all means is driving the business and attracting more and more new customers every day. The brand is also investing in meaningful advertising and outreach which not only helps to build brand’s longevity and keeps the brand competitive on the market, but also continues to give out the positive energy and give out the positive brand image overall. Visit https://thestrategystory.com/2021/04/22/rolex-brand-strategy/ to find out more about what brand strategy of Rolex ensures its success. 

Overall, it is crucial for every brand to maintain positive brand image and be the best they can for their customer. Although there are numerous ways to peach the positive brand image, every company should decide on their own which way to take. Something that works for Rolex may not work for Microsoft and vice versa. It is all about learning your target market and understanding how to be the best for our customers. 

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